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 **SPOILER WARNING!!** Harvestmath 2010 Festival- Troves and Trickery

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PostSubject: **SPOILER WARNING!!** Harvestmath 2010 Festival- Troves and Trickery   Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:00 pm

If you're participating the the festival this year, you may be a little befuddled by the Troves and Trickey quests. They aren't as clear as they could be, either on where the NPC's you need to interact with are, or on what the emotes you need to perform might be. Here's a little spoiler I wrote, for those of you who, like me, have to have all the cool festival stuff, and don't have the time to stand in front of people and click through your entire emote list.

Troves and Trickery in Bree-Town:
The quest-giver is in the festival grounds near Hengstacer Farm, north of Bree. The quest rewards for this are either a man mask token, or 3 fall festival tokens. When you accept this quest, you will have 40 minutes to find the people and perform the emotes for them. They are all to be found in Bree-town. It also helps to know they all (in every town) have a “Quest in Progress” blue ring over their heads. You also have to have the person targeted before you perform the emote, or it won't count. I've heard of at least one instance where someone wasn't able to get it to register the emote, un-selecting and re-targeting the NPC seemed to fix the problem.

The woman by the Prancing Pony will tell you a terribly interesting story about a great number of dresses- show her you care very much about her story, with a very entertained /Whippitydo.
You will find a Drunk Man sleeping under the awning of a building, muttering something about his mother not being very happy if he comes home in this state. He needs a firm /scold!
The woman by the Auction Hall wants to borrow money! You’d be crazy not to tell her /No.
The man dancing in Beggar’s Alley is hidden around the corner and up some stairs on a balcony. After talking to him for only a few minutes, you can be quite sure this fellow really IS /Crazy!

Troves and Trickery in Duillond:
Gloreniel is the quest-giver of this one, and may be found in Duillond, near their festival grounds.
“The Autumn Revel is my favourite time of year, and among our traditions Mír a Rinc -- or Troves and Trickery -- is my favourite tradition.
'If you wish to participate, go throughout Duillond seeking those who will challenge you. Listen well to what they tell you, then perform some trick which might relate to their words.
'Would you be interested in playing?”
The quest rewards are either an elf mask token, or 3 fall festival tokens.
Go north from the festival grounds to find the first person.
There is a “Musician,” at 34.1s, 93.0w, near the fountain, playing a tambourine or something. She will say, “How I love to gather for festivities! Music can be so inspiring; do you not agree? We are missing something, though, if this is to be a true party…” She will be satisfied by your performance of the /dance emote.
The Townsperson in front of the oven is guarding a table of food, just across the street at 24.1s, 93.2w. He says he was sampling them for quality, and begs you not to tell anyone. He will be relieved by your equal lack of restraint if you /eat with him.
There is a Guardsman by the weapon sellers, at 23.9s, 92.5w, who says all warriors are like kin - /hail him.
The Townsperson on the balcony with the tower, at 24.6s, 92.4w, is looking off into the distance, and she asks you what you see out yonder. Just /look for her.

Troves and Trickery in Thorin’s Halls:
Guthlag is the quest giver for this one, in the Pub, downstairs under Thorin’s Halls. He has this to say:
“Welcome to the famed Fall Festival in Thorin's Hall! We dwarves love a good laugh almost as much as a good ale.
'One of our festival traditions is the game of Troves and Trickery. To play, you go about the Hall trying to please different dwarves with your tomfoolery. Every dwarf is impressed by different things, so you will need to pay attention to what they tell you.
'Are you interested? Remember, all you need do is act out something related to what they tell you.”
The rewards are a dwarf mask token, or 3 fall festival tokens. Once you accept the quest, you will have only 20 minutes to find all four of the dwarves, and perform the emotes for them. YOUR QUEST TRACKER WILL NOT WORK HERE!! You are indoors, so it won’t direct you toward your victims, like it does in the other cases.
The townsperson by the class trainers says something about never making it as a guard- /mock him, to the amusement of his fellows nearby.
The townsperson by the weapon-smith guild hall in the crafting area says something about being thirsty- /drink in front of him.
The townsperson halfway back in the forging hall on the left side says something about being very strong, /flex is the emote you need for him.
The laborer digging under Thorin’s Hall, west of the ale hall in the corner of the tunnel says something about how bored he gets, and wishes for some kind of entertaining distraction- /whistle for him.

Troves and Trickery Hobbiton
Egbert Took may be found by the large keg tent at the Party Tree, and has this to say:
“The Fall Festival is my favourite time of year. One of our fondest traditions is the game of Troves and Trickery.
'If you wish to play, wander amongst the hobbits. Some will give you some clues as to the tricks they would like to see, then you perform them. If you succeed in pleasing them all, return here, and I will reward you.
'What say you to that?”
Quest rewards are either a hobbit mask token, or 3 fall festival tokens. Once you accept the quest, you will have 20 minutes to find the hobbits and perform the emotes for them. They are all in the Hobbiton and Party Tree area.
A hobbit lass sitting on a fence is up the hill from the Party Tree. She makes some comment about you having your trousers bunched up in back, you need to do the /pick emote for her.
The Farmer is found by following the path directly south toward town, and just before you get to the bridge, turn left- he is sitting under the stable on a wheelbarrow. He says something about having just seen some spiders crawling around, and it was giving him the willies. Do the /shiver emote for him.
A hobbit fishing on a dock is further east and across the river . He’s so angry about having not caught anything all day, he’s about to have a fit! Perform the /tantrum emote for him.
The last hobbit is in a gazebo, up on the hill behind the stablemaster. She’s eaten too much, and isn’t sure what to do now, but will agree if you /burp at her.

I posted these because last year's Troves and Trickery quests were different people and emotes, and I didn't easilly find a guide to the new content online. Hope this is helpful to you all! Smile ~Oubliette
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**SPOILER WARNING!!** Harvestmath 2010 Festival- Troves and Trickery
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