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Here is the new forum for our kinship. I know you all have a lot of great ideas for what to put in it, so post away!
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 Playing LOTRO For Free

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PostSubject: Playing LOTRO For Free   Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:59 am

If you are considering switching over to playing LOTRO for free, I suggest you take a close look at the changes it will make to the game as we know it. Here's a short summary of what I've found if you make the switch: You start with only 3 bags in your inventory, if you want all 5 you have to pay to upgrade. You are limited to having 5 gold total spending money, again you'll have to update if you want unlimited piles of gold. You're chat, auction hall, and and mail options are limited unless you upgrade. There is no bonus XP while resting unless---you guessed it, upgrade. Your trait slots are also limited unless you upgrade. You also cannot spend destiny points or go into PvMP play unless you upgrade. According to the New & Improved Turbine, these are the "benefits" you get if you play for free. Kinda sounds like being back in beta testing to me. But like I said, take a look and decide for yourself. As for me, I like it the way it is.
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Playing LOTRO For Free
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