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Here is the new forum for our kinship. I know you all have a lot of great ideas for what to put in it, so post away!
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 Links to Song Books

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Links to Song Books Empty
PostSubject: Links to Song Books   Links to Song Books EmptyTue Apr 20, 2010 8:50 pm

So the best songbook I've found has been The Fat Lute . It has a lot of great songs to chose from.

If you click on "Song Book" tab it'll take you to the pages where all of the songs are listed. You can sort the songs by different qualifications to find what sort of song you are looking for. I'm not too impressed by the search option because the way people title things is not standerdized.
The most useful sorting of songs is to sort them by parts. (Clicking on "Pts" should do the trick.) Once you do that you can find things for group music a lot easier.
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Links to Song Books
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